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Why Not Try Our Nail Repair And Strengthening Service ?

Our Academy is proud to have helped many guitarists over the years keep their nails strong and in many cases save their nails when cracked or broken. The quality of the sound emitted can be dependent on the length, shape and thickness of the nail being used to play the strings.

Indeed it was an honour for us to be able to save the nail, some years ago, of a visiting well known International Jazz guitarist playing in Londonderry and we understand that to this day his nails are still regularly maintained with acrylic strengtheners. He was brought to us by a popular local jazz guitarist, already availing himself of our services. Indeed it is largely through the jazz guitarist that Nail Technicians have a steady stream of guitar players regularly calling to have two or three key finger nails strengthened.

Use either Acrylic or Chinas-silk which is invisible but extremely strong, the process takes a short time and together with the guitarist the correct thickness can be assured to give the required sound.

Hi Olivia. Just wanted to say how great the nails are. It’s like having plectrums on each finger. Superb! All the best, David.

David | 2009