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Damage And Disorders

Nail Infections, Diseases And Disorders

There are many diseases which can affect the nail. Remember your nail technician should be skilled and knowledgeable in spotting some disorders which they are capable of improving the appearance of. However, they are not allowed to diagnose or treat any disease or, infection. We strongly recommend if you appear to have any disease or infection, to contact your GP for medical advice and attention.

This photo’s below illustrates a badly damaged natural nail (May 2008). The client caught her nail in the car door, and came to us for help. The nail separated from the cuticle and blood had congealed, giving an unsightly appearance. The client was experiencing discomfort due to the nail catching on clothing etc. We cleansed and sanitised the nail, and she returned after one week, whereby we were able to remove the damaged part of the nail. The nail was cleansed, sanitised and the new growth protected with china-silk. We expect full recovery and growth within 6 months.

It should be remembered, some conditions are highly infectious and can be easily transmitted to other members of the family by sharing towels etc. Extra care must be taken until the condition is cleared. It is for these reasons your technician may not be in a position to carry out certain treatments.

At the academy we are proud of our reputation for sterilisation, sanitation and safe practice procedures when fitting nail extensions – ensuring our clients do not have any problems.