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Nail Care

Look After Your Nails With Olivia Rogers

It is common that the first thing we notice about someone when we meet them is their hands. An immaculately presented manicured hand will turn heads and attract many compliments. Many of us suffer from embarrassing “stumps” which we hide away from sight. Professional and experienced staff will be able to advise you on all aspects of hand and nail care.

The structure of your nail extension is such that it looks like a natural nail, is stronger than a natural nail and most importantly, grows like a natural nail. It is the growth that can give an untidy appearance and as the nail moves down it becomes un-balanced (top-heavy). It is vital that you revisit a good professional for regular maintenance (re-balanced making the old structure balanced and strong). This treatment dramatically improves the appearance of your nails, making them as good as new and last for a long time.

Loss Of Nail Extensions Can Be Caused By :

  • Forced Removal – i.e. picking or biting off – causing damage!
  • Incorrect Homecare – not following guidelines, causing premature loss!
  • Excessive Lifting – due to exposure to certain products, such as lanolin, oils etc

To Prevent Loss Of Extensions :

  • Professional Removal – safely soaking extensions in special solution, causes no damage

Nail Extensions Are Designed To Break Under Impact :

  • If your nail extensions were too strong, then a bad bang could result in the natural nail being pulled away from the nail bed, which can be very painful and take weeks to heal
  • The extension breaks, protecting the natural nail and can be repaired in minutes

Nail Extensions Should Not Damage The Natural Nail :

  • In the capable hands of a PROFESSIONALLY QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN no damage is caused.
  • Continuous wearing of extensions can actually improve the health of natural nails by protecting them from biting, picking, excess moisture and other elements which can weaken or damage them, allowing the natural nail to grow undisturbed.
  • Nail polish stays on without chipping for up to 2 weeks.